Winner 2020 / Functional Typography / Signage

Kinderhaus Kennelbach

  • Prize
    Winner in Signage / Functional Typography
  • Company
    Sägenvier DesignKommunikation
  • Lead
    Sigi Ramoser
  • Team
    Lisa Fink
  • Client
    Gemeinde Kennelbach
  • Credits
    Photo by: David Schreyer, Sägenvier (pictogram)

The Kinderhaus Kennelbach is a Kindergarten for over 100 children. Children (age 1 – 6 years) can play, learn and grow together in a beautiful and healthy environment. We had the idea of letting the children themselves come up with their own designs. Their drawings were placed as tarnish protection and pictograms and became the main players in the signage system. To emphasize the idea of growing the children can measure and compare themselves with many different animals and objects (related to the original scale) created by their own.