Winner 2020 / Packaging / Food

Hope of revival - a gift to the world

  • Prize
    Winner in Food / Packaging
  • Company
    Album Rivers Corp.
  • Lead
    Album Rivers
  • Team
    Liu Yen Hsun
  • Client
    Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang

The hope is that through the changes brought by COVID-19 this year, we can feel the restored earth and our new life. The paper wraps with hope, and is also a poster. You can see it says 'news' in different languages, telling the world: We stay together! Posting it on the wall, it seems to record memories and remind us to cherish the moment. The earth, seen through the gaps in the valley, implies that the sunshine brings hope. The inner package represents the gradual process of waxing and waning, which displays the gradual changes of vitality.