Winner 2020 / Photography / Press

Boko Haram Refugees Find Safety in Niger

  • Prize
    Winner in Press / Photography
  • Company
    Getty Images Reportage
  • Lead
    Giles Clarke
  • Team
    Andrew Katz
  • Client

Increasing Boko Haram violence in northern Nigeria has led to mass displacement in neighboring Niger. Some 200,000 Nigerians have fled since 2018. The rising instability in the entire Sahel region has created an alarming, lawless vacuum, creating hotbeds for Islamic Jihadist insurgents and marauding local militias which, in turn, has left millions of civilians vulnerable as the unrest grows.

Giles Clarke is a UK photojournalist based in New York City and focusing on capturing the human face of current and post-conflict issues throughout the world. Since 2010, he has traveled to 70 countries, including multiple visits to cover the conflict in Yemen, from which he created the (ongoing) Proxy War Turmoil series. Clarke’s work has been featured by The United Nations (OCHA), The New York Times, Amnesty International, CNN, The Guardian, Global Witness, TIME, The New Yorker, National Press Photographers Association, Paris Match, and many others.