Best of Best 2020 / Photography / Advertising

Models in Space: Paris, we have a Problem!

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Advertising / Photography, Fashion / Photography
  • Company
  • Lead
    Tobias Meier
  • Team
    Fashion Designer: Narces, Jewelry Designer: Lao Feng Xiang
  • Credits
    Stylist: Carla Vanderhorst

In the editorial, 2b+photo (Tobias Meier) actualizes his futuristic (and very fashionable!) vision: What would happen if the catwalks of Paris collided with Star Wars?It is a glimpse into a world where clones protect the high powered, and floating in outer space is the norm. The scenes are interesting, mysterious and open to interpretation: one can only guess what the woman pointing to the map of earth is saying, or what the button a woman presses is for.2b+photo provides his viewers with a flexible storyline — ultimately determined by their own imaginations.

2b+photo (Tobias Meier) specializes in storytelling photography for fashion and advertising. 2b+photo makes conceptual photography, with many intricacies that draw the viewer in. He carefully crafts the sets, backdrops and visual effects for contemporary photography with a pop-art and surrealist feel. His work is detailed and colorful, communicating brand aesthetics through highly stylized photography.His portfolio features international designers including designers who have been featured at Paris Fashion Week.