Best of Best 2020 / Exhibition design / Museum exhibitions

Road to Zero

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Museum exhibitions / Exhibition design
  • Lead
    Grumpy Sailor Creative
  • Team
    Nicci Hurwitz, Ash Morris, Jamie Foulston, John Tantaco, James Boyce, Tom Siddall, Mark Shunji Davies
  • Client
    Transport Accident Commission; Melbourne Museum
  • Video

We were tasked by TAC to develop an exhibition to imagine a world with zero deaths and serious injuries on the road. Designed to last the next ten years, we developed a range of interactives from a 3D mapped car projection to a virtual reality car journey through time, to video storytelling and interactive displays and a glass elevator designed to demonstrate collisions at different speeds. Working closely with road engineers, behavioural scientists, teachers, and students, we used digital technology and storytelling to ensure every journey on Victorian roads is safe.