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Well Done

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Other / Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars)
  • Company
    Kirchschläger Grafikbüro
  • Designer
    Gerhard Kirchschläger
  • Design Team
    Gerhard Kirchschläger
  • Credits
    Photo: Karin Stöttinger, Mara Hohla

The magazine "Well Done" presents Karin Stöttinger's favourite recipes from her food blog. "Well Done" - this means good work has been done in the kitchen and the guests are satisfied. Creative, simple cooking and a casual approach to the ingredients are shown here. Cooking can and should give pleasure. This is underlined by the playful structure of the headlines with calligraphic elements—this is all about craftsmanship. The formal centre are the extraordinary food photography and the focus on the creative arrangement of the dishes. A formal counter-design to the screen of the internet blog.