Best of Best 2020 / Photography / Other


  • Prize
    Best of Best in Other / Photography
  • Lead
    Yoshitaka Masuda
  • Credits
    Yoshitaka Masuda Photography

The capital city of Tokyo is densely packed, with buildings both big and small. In the skyline, we can see the scale and complexity of this. As people live their lives in this space, individual happiness, suffering, and hope all melt into the scenery. I have attempted to project this onto the skyline. This strained and distorted visage conveys an atmosphere of anxiety and intimidation that expands one’s worldview as if from another dimension. This previously unfelt sensation creates an aesthetic space and confers an illusion of safety.

Born in Tokyo in 1947. Joined: A curated international photography exhibition at ph21 Gallery Budapest 2020-2017. Einstein Studio New Japan Photo 4 at IMA CONCEPT STORE, TOKYO, Oct. 2017. Einstein Studio New Japan Photo 2017-2016. JPCO member photo exhibition & Kyoto Photographie KG+ and TOKYO 2017-2014. SAMURAI FOTO exhibition Yokohama 2017-2016. Onaeba vol.18,16 Yokohama. Article: Book(e-book): SENTIMENTAL SHANGHAI/ Kindle Book, and others. Photobook; “The Atsuta Shrine” was selected to be shown at G Book Show in Brighton (One Eyed Jacks Gallery) England 5 - 15 June 2014.