Best of Best 2020 / TV / Film / Animation / Animations

River Connections

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Animations / TV / Film / Animation
  • Lead
    Grumpy Sailor Creative
  • Team
    Mike Daly, Matt Tillman, Brendan Woithe, First Peoples Group: Aunty Esther Kirby, Uncle Brendan Kennedy, Uncle Larry Walsh and Genevieve Grieves.
  • Client
    Museums Victoria
  • Video

Melbourne Museum tasked Grumpy Sailor to create an innovative and inspiring education space that connects the Museum’s experiences and stories with digital technologies and 21st century learning. River Connections is a bespoke, immersive film that submerges students in First Peoples’ perspectives of the Australian landscape and its psyche. Made in collaboration with First Peoples elders and artists Larry Walsh, Esther Kirby, Brendan Kennedy and Genevieve Grieves, the film was developed through deep listening sessions and visiting Country.