Winner 2019 / Branding / Corporate identity

Zone Eight

  • Prize
    Winner in Corporate identity / Branding
  • University
    Shu-Te University
  • Designer
    Rou-Tzu Pan
  • Design Team
    Visual identity Zone Eight of Shu-Te University

The internal value of aerolites is intangible. Crystallizing manifests value from inside out and the pursuit of excellence on the road of exploration is endless. Turn the number "8" horizontal upside down, let it form an infinite symbol 8. "Zone Eight" means that designing this field, the universe will never cease. It's an unlimited area and our common symbol too. In the boundless expanse of land float, we will be looking for the value of one's own self. Refine "Zone Eight" turn into the crystal for a long period of time, we believe different personal colors will appear in different angles.