Winner 2019 / Packaging / Food

Game Design and Packaging “On The Tip of A Tongue”

  • Prize
    Winner in Food / Packaging, Other / Branding, Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design
  • University
    Vilnius Academy of Arts
  • Lead
    Diana Molyte, Dovile Kacerauskaite
  • Team
    Dovile Kacerauskaite, Diana Molyte
  • Credits
    video by: Lina Margaityte
  • Video

The cultural heritage of Lithuania has many layers, which formed in five distinct ethnographic regions over many centuries. A culinary heritage product line “On the tip of a tongue” and a game shows the multi-layered nature of Lithuanian heritage. The game consists of a mobile application and a board game themed fabric. The process of food tasting is also an integral part of this game. Additionally, ethnographic regions are presented through language, customs and traditional Lithuanian cuisine. The players are free to choose which regional desserts they want to include in the game.