Winner 2019 / Exhibition design / Museum exhibitions

Virtual Microbial Art Lab

  • Prize
    Winner in Museum exhibitions / Exhibition design
  • Company
    MNEMONIC / Liberty Science Center
  • Designer
  • Design Team
    MNEMONIC: Experience & Interface Design, Software Development
    Liberty Science Center: Exhibit Concept, Content Development, Exhibition Design
  • Credits
    Photos 1-4: MNEMONIC; 5-6: Liberty Science Center

Virtual Microbial Art Lab is an interactive exhibit that invites visitors to create vibrant 'living' artworks. On a multi-user digital table, visitors simulate the real-world lab process of painting with microbes in a dish of agar. When they incubate their work, they see the colorful microbes blossom and grow. Visitors can explore a gallery of award-winning art, uncover 'Easter Egg' animations that take over the entire tabletop, and share their artwork to their mobile devices. Part of the Microbes Rule! exhibition at LSC, VMAL is a rich, engaging experience that blends science and art.

MNEMONIC has been designing interactive experiences and creative technology for museums and brand environments for almost two decades. The design consultancy of Patrick Snee, MNEMONIC collaborates with exhibit designers and developers, media producers, and marketing agencies to translate complex content and ideas into state-of-the-art digital experiences.