Winner 2019 / Books / Other books

Oblique Books

  • Prize
    Winner in Other books / Books
  • Company
    D'Orsi Studio
  • Lead
    Giuseppe D'Orsi
  • Team
    G. D'Orsi, M. Fort, L. Pizzato, C. Pascotto
  • Client
    Safarà Editore

Safarà Editore offer a customized graphic project for each book that conveys the vitality of its content with great artistic freedom. The oblique cut of the book is the distinctive sign of the brand: a trait that symbolically expresses its will to publish transversal works that emerge from the paths already taken to engage the reader in unprecedented adventures of the imaginary. Oblique books are a design registered in different combinations of single, multiple and crossed cuts. Safarà books are distributed throughout Italy and special attention is given to contemporary North American fiction.

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