Winner 2019 / Photography / Books

Nature, between splendours and wounds

  • Prize
    Winner in Books / Photography
  • Designer
    Stefano Ciol
  • Design Team
    Stefano Ciol
  • Credits
    text by Guido Cecere

The key word of Stefano Ciol’s last work is, without any doubt, “contrast”: contrast between lights and shadows, contrast between colours, contrast between tradition and innovation. An everyday contrast visible in a nature that creates and destroys, and that Stefano Ciol portrays through a dramatic black and white and surreal colours to highlight the polarity of the world these days. Here different and opposite emotions meet, offering us a realistic picture of our reality.

Stefano Ciol, the heir of a photography dynasty, combines personal research with his professional work. He undertakes continual technological updating which leads him to crosspollinate traditional methods with the most recent and advanced ones for the purpose of perfecting correspondence between his own vision and the final image. This process is fully evident in the control of shades in his black and white photographs of landscapes, a revisitation in contemporary key of a genre that has its roots in the history of photography.