Winner 2019 / Advertising / Outdoor advertising

Edible Advertising Poster – Street marketing concept

  • Prize
    Winner in Outdoor advertising / Advertising
  • Company
    Triade Marketing
  • Designer
    Dominic Ouellette
  • Design Team
    Triade Marketing
  • Credits
    special projects Team, Astral Media

Triade built an edible advertising bus stop poster from real bread. Our client, the local bakery La Boite à Pain, wanted to do something different from all its previous advertising campaigns. We created a street marketing campaign, combining an edible poster and a video campaign on the Web. The variety of bread created a beautiful color gradient that caught the eye around the slogan “A moment to be savored”, in connection with the concept of eating the poster. The video showing people eating directly from the poster went viral online, viewed by more than 63 000 people and shared 143 times.

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