Winner 2019 / Posters / Educational

The Immerse in the Six Arts

  • Prize
    Winner in Educational / Posters
  • Company
    Ming-Chi Hsieh Studio/The Graduate Institute of Design Science,Tatung University
  • Designer
    Ming-Chi Hsieh
  • Design Team
    Ming-Chi Hsieh Studio, Advisor / Associate Professor Chih-Chun, Lai
  • Credits
    Advisor / Associate Professor Chih-Chun, Lai

The central dogma of Confucius’ Analects is, “Stick strictly to the Way, align with virtue and abide by benevolence in handling matters, and immerse in the six classical arts of rites, music, archery, riding, reading and arithmetic. This holistic consciousness is also the central tenet of the C&C (Table Tennis training system). C&C’s intention is to use the development of the physical arts to cultivate aesthetic motion and physical fortitude so as to develop an indomitable determination. The artwork (designer) summons this spirit through a series of four calligraphic manuscripts.

CONCEPT The image occupies everyone's life. Since morning broken , millions image comes through . There are pictures?videos , people communicate it to get approval or to participate in others. Between human beings are similar to collective puzzles by pictures. When everyone is used to knowing the world we live in this way, this. What kind of world would it be? OVERALL Returning to the original nature of marketing, the brand itself is closer to the consumer, using the overall image planning and marketing techniques to make the essence of the brightness more dazzling.DESIGN-SIMPLE,VISUAL TOUCH