Winner 2019 / UI & UX Design / User Experience Design

La Raza Digital Interactive

  • Prize
    Winner in User Experience Design / UI & UX Design
  • Designer
    Narduli Studio
  • Design Team
    Susan Narduli Studio, Raster Software Lab
  • Credits
    Documentation Photos by Narduli Studio

From 1967-1977, La Raza provided a voice to the Chicano Rights movement unfolding across Los Angeles. Its archive of 25,000+ photographs bears witness to this struggle for social justice. Most of the images had never been seen. As part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, Narduli Studio was commissioned to bring the images to life in an interactive experience. We quickly realized that to truly experience this moment in history we needed to not only develop a practical system for navigation but create an explorable UX that would reveal the invisible data and underlying network of connections.

SUSAN NARDULI is a Los Angeles-based artist and architect. She leads her interdisciplinary design practice Narduli Studio and is director of experiential and interactive projects for Cheeky Films. Narduli’s time-based works bring together the virtual and physical – positioning narrative, real-time data, generative media and interactive experience within the formal and social context of public space and architecture. Her studio is at the forefront of reimagining how technology can shape a new typology of public space. Prior to starting her own firm Narduli was Project Designer for Frank Gehry.