PR & Promotion Tips for C2A 2022 Winners

PR and Promotion Tips for 2022 C2A Winners

January 18, 2023

Congratulations to all C2A 2022 Winners!

Now’s the time to spread the word about your success as a C2A Winner in national, local and online media. This message will give you some tips on how to do that.

We are communicating the official winners announcement on behalf of C2A to global media outlets, however it is also very useful if you can share the news of your win focusing solely on your company and its achievements.

First of all login to your account, and navigate to your winning entries, and download your certificate and winner badge.

Issue a Press Release

Share the news about your achievement with the world. Write and distribute a press release announcing your win, and send it to news outlets to publicize your success, accomplishments and share your future plans. You can use a sample press release template that we have uploaded for you here. We recommend that you translate this into your language and send it to your local and regional media outlets – based on our experience, media love to promote winners that everyone can be proud of.

Send an email to your network

Announce your win to your friends, colleagues and clients and express gratitude to them for their support. If you send a newsletter regularly, even better to include your win there!

Share the news on social media

Nowadays, there’s no better way to spread the word about your win than on social media. Let your fans and followers know you won with a tweet, an Instagram photo or Facebook post or anything other social media you use. And don’t forget to tag the Creative Communication Award so we can retweet, repost, and support you.
Facebook: @C2Award
Instagram: @C2Award
Twitter: @c2award

Put the Winner Badge on your website

Login to your account, and download the Winner Badges. Add it to your online marketing materials and your website.

Communicate your win in your marketing materials

Add the winner badge to your printed materials, and highlight your achievement on all your communication channels.

Update your email signature

Every little bit counts! Add the winner badge to your email signature to promote your win in every email you send.

Update your personal bio and firm description

Time to brag! Add this achievement to your company and personal profiles—it’ll show potential customers and partners that your work is award-winning.