Winner in Museum Exibitions - Music For Everyone- Variations on a Theme

2023’s Must-See Museum Exhibitions: The Best of the Best

April 26, 2023

Museum Exhibitions: Exploring the Best of the Best in 2023 

Museum exhibitions are a fascinating way to showcase a range of art, cultural heritage artifacts, and contemporary works. They provide an opportunity to engage with visitors through temporary displays, permanent exhibitions, digital interactives, and exhibition catalogues. Museums around the world curate exhibitions that not only entertain but also educate visitors about art, culture, and history. In this article, we will explore the best museum exhibitions to check out in 2023 in Europe, the US, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

What Are the Museum Exhibitions? 

Museum exhibitions are curated collections of art, cultural heritage artifacts, and contemporary works. They are designed to showcase the works of art in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Exhibitions can be temporary displays, permanent exhibitions, or traveling exhibitions that move from one museum to another. They can also include digital interactives and exhibition catalogues that provide additional information and context to the exhibits.

How to Get Art Exhibited in a Museum? 

Getting art exhibited in a museum is not an easy task. Museums have a specific set of criteria that they follow when selecting exhibits. The first step is to research the museum and its exhibitions to determine if your art fits their style and theme. Once you have identified a museum, you should prepare a proposal that includes detailed information about your art, its relevance, and its significance. You may also need to provide a portfolio of your work, along with references and recommendations from other artists or galleries.

Types of Museum Exhibitions 

There are many types of museum exhibitions, including:

  • permanent exhibitions,
  • temporary displays,
  • and traveling exhibitions.

Permanent exhibitions are displays that remain in a museum for an extended period of time. Temporary displays are exhibits that are showcased for a shorter duration, usually a few months. Traveling exhibitions are displays that move from one museum to another, often showcasing a particular theme or style.

Top 3 Winners of Creative Communication Awards (C2A) in Category Museum Exhibitions 

The Creative Communication Awards (C2A) recognize outstanding creativity and communication across a range of industries, including museum exhibitions. The following are the top three winners of the C2A in the category of Museum Exhibitions:

1. “Music For Everyone: Variations on a Theme”

Winner in Museum Exibitions - Music For Everyone- Variations on a Theme
by FACTORY, a Singapore and Shenzhen-based art and design studio

The exhibition, which premiered in the 58th Venice Biennale, features the works of artist Song-Ming Ang and explores the intersections of music-making and ideology. With vibrant and playful branding, the exhibition space is designed to parallel the spontaneity and improvisation of music itself. The use of color blocks and juxtaposition of lively and dignified tones creates an inviting space that can be enjoyed by all.

Curated by Michelle Ho and photographed by Quek Jia Liang, this homecoming exhibition in Singapore is a must-see for art and music lovers alike.

2. Ford Calumet Environmental Center

Winner in Museum Exhibitions - Ford Calumet Environmental Center
a stunning museum exhibit designed by Valerio Dewalt Train

Once an ecological sanctuary, the Calumet Region was altered by more than a century of industrialization before becoming the Chicago Park District’s largest reclamation project. The Ford Calumet Environmental Center serves as a gateway and hub, educating visitors about its past and setting a precedent for a sustainable future where industry, nature, and culture can coexist.

The 9,300-square-foot facility boasts a permanent exhibit featuring the history and environmental advocacy of the park, providing a vital space for visitors to connect with the environment and learn about the importance of sustainable practices.

With stunning photography by Tom Harris, this exhibit truly captures the beauty and significance of the Calumet Region.

3. Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre

Winner in Museum Exhibitions - The Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre
designed by Arterial Design for the National Museum of Australia

This immersive and interactive experience connects stories from the museum’s collection and encourages multi-generational learning. Each story is designed with multiple layers of engagement and accessibility, addressing diverse learning styles and abilities.

The inclusion of work from Indigenous artists and acknowledgment of diverse cultural perspectives on knowledge sharing demonstrates Arterial’s commitment to cultural sensitivity and inclusion.

Arterial Design is a master in designing cultural learning environments, offering expertise in all mediums, from 2D graphics to immersive environments and museum-quality object display systems.

Best Museum Exhibitions to check out in 2023

Museum exhibitions are not just about viewing art or cultural heritage artifacts. They provide an immersive experience, a window into the past, and a glimpse into the future. The exhibitions offer visitors an opportunity to learn, explore, and interact with the world’s greatest treasures.

In 2023, museums around the world are planning to showcase their most spectacular exhibitions yet. From Europe to the US and Asia, the exhibitions will range from contemporary art galleries to permanent exhibitions, temporary displays, and cultural heritage artifacts. Here’s a detailed look at the best museum exhibitions to check out in 2023:

Best Museum Exhibitions in Europe:

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will host “Vermeer,” an exhibition that brings together 28 of Johannes Vermeer’s paintings, including his famous work “The Milkmaid.” This is a unique opportunity to see these paintings together in one place.
*From Feb 10 – Jun 4, 2023

In London, the Victoria and Albert Museum will showcase “Donatello: Sculpting the Renaissance,” the largest-ever exhibition dedicated to the Renaissance sculptor Donatello in the UK. Visitors can admire some of his best works and join additional programs planned by the museum.
* Closes June 11, 2023

In Paris, the Musée d’Orsay will present “Manet/Degas,” an exhibition that highlights the works of Édouard Manet and Edgar Degas, two influential artists who lived and worked in Paris during the beginnings of modern art.
*From Mar 28 – Jul 23, 2023

Edgard Degas Jeune femme à l'ibis - museum exhibition
Credits: Musée d’Orsay – Edgar Degas

In Munich, the State Museum of Egyptian Art will present “Golden Mummies of Egypt,” an exhibition that explores the theme of the afterlife in ancient Egypt.

In Copenhagen, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art will host a retrospective of Dana Schutz’s artworks, showcasing pieces from the past twenty years of her career. The exhibition will later travel to the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris.
*From Feb 18 – Dec 31, 2023


Best Museum Exhibitions in US:

Chicago – “Van Gogh and the Avant-Garde: The Modern Landscape” at the Art Institute of Chicago examines Vincent van Gogh’s influence on the modern landscape through works by the artist and his contemporaries, tracing his impact on 20th-century art.
*From May 14 – Sep 4, 2023

New York – “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is a dedicated survey of the legendary fashion designer’s designs for fashion houses including Balmain, Patou, Chloé, Fendi, and Chanel, accompanied by original sketches made by Lagerfeld himself.
*From May 5 – Jul 16, 2023

A line of beauty - Karl Lagerfeld - New York Museum of Art
Credits: Met Museum – Karl Laderfeld – A line of beauty

Boston – “Simone Leigh” at the ICA Boston is the artist’s first comprehensive survey, featuring roughly two decades’ worth of ceramics, sculptures, and other works that have quickly established Leigh as one of the defining artists of our current era. The show also travels to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. later in the year.
*From Apr 6 -Sep 4, 2023

Atalanta – “Bruce Onobrakpeya: The Mask and the Cross” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta is the first solo exhibition at an American museum for the Nigerian artist, whose work explores religious imagery and Nigerian folklore, and which has helped define postcolonial art and culture in Nigeria.
*From Apr 7 – Jul 30, 2023

Best Museum Exhibitions in Asia, Africa, Middle East:

The Feast at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem: This exhibition explores the rituals and ceremony attached to banqueting and food in the ancient Near East between the third and first millennia BC. Visitors can learn about the social, political and cultural role of communal feasting and see highlights such as an Iraqi cylinder seal dating from 2600 BC and a Mycenaean gold cup from around 1500 BC, both on loan from the British Museum in London.
*From Apr 28- Dec 31, 2023

the feast - museum exhibition in Jerusalem
Credits: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem – The Feast

Bollywood Superstars: A Short Story of Indian Cinema at Louvre Abu Dhabi: This exhibition showcases more than 40 films and 80 artworks that explore the diverse origins and influences of Indian cinema. Visitors can see film props, shadow puppets, photographs, Mughal armor, daggers, and religious lithographs, among other objects.
*From Jan 24 – Jun 4, 2023

When We See Us: A Century of Black Figuration in Painting at Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town: This exhibition features more than 200 works of art from the past 100 years that explore black self-representation and celebrate global black consciousness and experiences. It is organized around six themes, including Sensuality, Joy, and Emancipation, and brings figurative paintings into dialogue with works by leading black thinkers, authors, and poets working today.
*From Nov 22, 2022 – Sep 3, 2023

Liu Kuo-sung: Experimentation as Method at the National Gallery of Singapore: This major retrospective on the Chinese artist Liu Kuo-sung showcases more than 80 artworks that reflect his experimentation with traditional Chinese ink painting and his exploration of new materials, techniques, and forms. Visitors can learn about his influence on modern art in Asia and beyond.
*From Jan 13 – Nov 26, 2023


Applying for the Creative Communication Award (C2A) – Category: Museum Exhibition Awards

If you are a museum curator, designer, or artist, you can apply for the Creative Communication Award to gain additional recognition for your work. The C2A recognize exceptional creativity and communication in a range of categories, including museum exhibitions. The awards are open to individuals, agencies, and organizations around the world. Applying for the C2A is a great way to showcase your work and gain recognition from industry professionals.

Museum exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to engage with art, culture, and history in a meaningful way. From temporary displays to permanent exhibitions and traveling exhibits, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The best museum exhibitions in 2023 are sure to be an exciting and educational experience. If you are a museum curator, designer, or artist, apply for the C2A to gain additional recognition for your work.