C2A media posts - 2020 Winners

Metajive wins Best of Best at C2A

January 29, 2021

Metajive is the recipient of 5 awards and honorable mentions in multiple categories, including Best of Best, for our work with Fuse, SoftBank, Iyuno Media Group, and Fida Wine in the 2020 Creative Communication Awards (C2A).

The C2A was created to promote creative excellence in communication design, advertising and digital media for the creative community across the globe. We are grateful to have great partnerships with both of these teams.

We partnered with Fuse, one of the biggest leaders in the technical event production industry, to help kick their site up a notch. Fuse provides talent and expertise for some of the biggest concerts, TV shows, and live events in the world. They’ve done work for the Tony Awards, the Mandalorian, and King Kong on Broadway. Needless to say, they do great work and needed an equally great place to showcase their accomplishments. We created a bold design to help the impressive lighting and colors from their events stand out and emphasize their outstanding installations.

SoftBank has made its name as one of the largest investors in the world by working with forward-thinking companies. They needed a platform designed for clarity of communication. We were able to create a design system to ensure that the content throughout the site was presented in a straightforward and minimalist, yet beautiful way.

When VINTUS—a highly decorated importer of hand-crafted wines—decided to establish a direct-to-consumer channel, one thing was clear: It would be anything but ordinary. We knew the Fida brand needed to be classical and elegant with an edge of modern simplicity capable of transporting the consumer to the distant locales where their wine was produced. We worked closely with the VINTUS team and their integrator to ensure a seamless integration of our front end design with their specialized wine platform. By creating a customized “logged-in” experience we enabled an intuitive and friction-free checkout process.

Iyuno Media Group is a leader in global media localization – providing subtitling, dubbing, and media services for the world’s leading entertainment studios. We partnered with Iyuno to redesign and develop their new website, creating a platform where they can show the wide variety of services they offer and showcase the top tier work they provide their clients.

• Fuse – UI & UX Design – User Interface design

• Fuse – Subcategory Winner – Online Media & Websites
• Fida Wine – Subcategory Winner – UI & UX Design Design – User Interface Design
• Iyuno Media Group- Subcategory Winner – UI & UX Design Design – User Interface Design

• SoftBank – Online Media & Websites


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