C2A Best of Best Project - Striking visual material showcasing the main project for the ADM Show 2022

Roy Wang: Unveiling Design Excellence and Visionary Leadership

In the dynamic world of design, Roy Wang emerges as a shining example of innovation, recently achieving a significant victory at the C2A Awards. His leadership at Factory, a multi-disciplinary design studio, has not only garnered widespread attention but also established new standards in experience design. This exclusive interview explores Roy’s thoughts on their award-winning project for the ADM Show 2022, his path in the creative field, and what lies ahead for design.

Tickets for the ADM Show designed by Roy Wang, featuring a sleek and innovative design.

Project Details

Prize: Best of Best in Other/Branding
Company: Factory
Lead: Roy Wang
Team: Chrystal Lim, Tamelia Lim, Sandra Lau
Client: Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media
Credits: Photos by Samuel Wong and Quek Jialiang

Tickets for the ADM Show presented from different sides, showcasing the comprehensive brand presentation.

Interview with Roy Wang

1. Could you share how the recent C2A Award has influenced your perspective on your creative journey or business endeavors?

Roy Wang: It underscores our ability to narrate and communicate through design, giving prospective clients a tangible example of our storytelling prowess and the experiential value we bring.

2. Reflecting on the submission and evaluation process for the C2A Awards, what were the standout moments, challenges, or surprises?

Roy Wang: The achievement of two Best of Bests and two Winners in their respective categories was a monumental moment for us. It represents our most significant accomplishment in this competition, affirming our creative and strategic capabilities.

3. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process within the limits of design?

Roy Wang: Our philosophy is to perceive design limitations as a framework within which we strive to make it seem as if the confines never existed, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

4.Facing challenges is a part of the creative journey. Can you share how you tackle obstacles?

Roy Wang: When in doubt, I find that taking a nap offers a fresh perspective, sparking a renewal of creativity and a clear direction forward.

5. How do you envision the recent C2A victory impacting your credibility and standing in the creative industry?

Roy Wang: This accolade cements our position as leaders in Experience Design, not just in Singapore but regionally, enhancing our reputation and opening new doors for innovative projects and collaborations.

Outside advertising and branding for the ADM Show

6. Have new opportunities or partnerships emerged as a result of your C2A win, and how do these shape your future in the industry?

Roy Wang: We anticipate that this recognition will attract clients seeking to transform their brands through our unique design approach, fostering experiences that resonate deeply with audiences.

7. Do you plan to participate in the next edition of the C2A Awards, and what motivates you to continue competing?

Roy Wang: Yes, the competition provides a valuable platform for showcasing our work and challenges us to elevate our creative standards continually.

8. What inspired the winning project for the C2A Awards, and how was it successfully realized?

Roy Wang: Inspired by our extensive experience and the opportunity to design for the first major event in the city post-pandemic, we aimed to create a brand identity that supports a bold vision. Utilizing typographic strategies, we crafted a dynamic, three-dimensional identity that adapts across mediums, characterized by its boldness and expressive visual personality.

Inside view of the ADM Show—black hall with white signs and mesmerizing lighting.

Roy Wang: A Design Luminary

Roy Wang’s journey through the worlds of creativity and design underscores his innovative spirit and visionary leadership. As he and the Factory team continue to redefine the boundaries of design, their work stands as a testament to the power of creative excellence and the transformative potential of visionary design thinking. With a future as bright as their past achievements, Roy Wang and Factory are poised to continue leading the charge in shaping the landscape of design and experience.


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