Concealed Studio's distinctive brand packaging.

Minghao Lin’s Creative Alchemy: The Concealed Studio Story

Embarking on a design journey that intertwines innovation and creativity, Minghao Lin emerges as a formidable force in the realm of design. Fresh from a triumphant win at the C2A Awards, Minghao Lin, the lead of Concealed Studio, graciously shares insights into the influence of recognition, the mystic force of creativity, and the twists and turns of a burgeoning creative career.

Fun Facts about Minghao Lin

– Minghao Lin, hailing from Fujian Jiangxia University, showcases a versatile approach in his first comprehensive design project.
– His project, Concealed Studio, not only secured a C2A Award but also stands as a testament to Minghao’s commitment to interdisciplinary design and exploration.

About the Project: Concealed Studio

Concealed Studio, a brainchild of Minghao Lin, clinched the C2A Awards in Branding and Logo design. A professional and relaxing haven designed specifically for designers, Concealed Studio’s brand logo draws inspiration from the tenon and mortise structure. The font exudes touchable warmth, creating an interesting brand equity that resonates within the design community. Explore Minghao’s journey into the heart of design excellence, encapsulated in Concealed Studio’s captivating video.

Concealed Studio's brand logo inspired by the tenon and mortise structure.

Exclusive Interview with Minghao Lin

1. The Influence of Recognition

C2A: Fresh from your recent win at the C2A Awards, can you share how the recognition has already influenced your perspective on your creative journey or business endeavors?

Minghao Lin: This is my first comprehensive design project, and I am honored to have received recognition from the judges. This recognition has strengthened my resolve to pursue interdisciplinary design and explore more possibilities in this field.

2. The Mystic Force of Creativity

C2A: Creativity is a mystic force. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process?

Minghao Lin: I believe that the core of creativity lies in exploration. As the Chinese saying goes, ‘read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles.’ Inspiration always appears on the road of exploration: exploring the value of works, exploring the means of implementation, and exploring the audience’s perception. Of course, inspiration can also strike while taking a shower. If you encounter a difficult problem, why not take a relaxing hot bath?

Concealed Studio's branding showcased on official documents

3. Navigating Creative Twists and Turns

C2A: Navigating the twists and turns of a creative career often involves overcoming obstacles. Can you share some challenges you faced in this project?

Minghao Lin: The biggest obstacle in the progress of this project was the interdisciplinary solution. Due to the requirements of the brand itself, this project involved various fields of traditional graphic design, such as packaging and books, as well as 3D animation, web interaction, and even some industrial design. Many of these were areas I had never ventured into. However, through continuous understanding, learning, and practice, and humbly seeking advice from others, I eventually completed these challenges.

4. Impact of C2A Victory

C2A: The ink on your C2A victory is still fresh. In what ways do you anticipate the award impacting your credibility and reputation in the creative industry, and how do you envision leveraging this recognition as you move forward?

Minghao Lin: This award has allowed more people to see my work, increased the audience’s trust in my abilities, and will be an important experience in my resume.

5. The C2A Experience

C2A: As a recent C2A Award winner, what aspects of the experience have you found most valuable, and would you encourage others in the creative industry to consider participating?

Minghao Lin: I believe that for design students, trusting their own work and bravely speaking out is the most important thing. Seize good ideas, create good works, and bravely submit them, and you can win good awards.

Concealed Studio's diverse branding elements, including colors and logos.

6. Embracing Industry Trends

C2A: Staying current is an ongoing challenge. How do you currently keep abreast of new industry trends, and are there any emerging trends you’re excited to incorporate into your work?

Minghao Lin: Cross-disciplinary and cross-domain comprehensive design is currently a new trend and the direction I am striving for.

7. Inspiration Behind the Winning Project

C2A: Zooming in on your recent triumph, what inspired the winning project you submitted to the C2A Awards?

Minghao Lin: The origin is simple. Initially, I designed a new brand for the school’s design studio, but my proposal was not adopted. Instead of giving up, I continued to explore the core of ‘doing something for designers.’ As you can see, I designed objects that designers encounter in their work and created a warm and approachable design studio.

A showcase of Concealed Studio's key brand elements.

Minghao Lin’s Design Elevation: Concealed Studio Unveiled

In the expansive landscape of design brilliance, Minghao Lin’s Concealed Studio stands as a testament to innovation, creativity, and interdisciplinary exploration. Minghao’s recent triumph at the C2A Awards not only spotlights his exceptional talent but propels him into the limelight of design excellence. As Minghao continues to carve his path in the creative industry, Concealed Studio becomes a beacon for aspiring designers—a testament to the transformative power of Minghao Lin’s ingenuity.


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