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Behind the Brand: Maria Cypher on Developing Fullsight

Corporate identity takes center stage with Catchword Branding’s Fullsight brand development, a project that earned an Honorable Mention at the 2023 Creative Communication Awards. Maria Cypher, co-founder and creative lead at Catchword, led this influential project. This interview explores the innovative strategies, challenges, and inspirations that drove the Fullsight project to success, highlighting its significant impact across the automotive, aerospace, and related industries.

About the Project: Fullsight: Corporate Brand Development

Prize: Honorable Mention in Corporate Identity / Branding
Company: Catchword Branding
Lead: Maria Cypher
Client: Fullsight (formerly SAE Group)

Unveiling the Strategic Mind Behind Brand Names

1. Maria, could you give us some insight into your background and Catchword’s approach to naming and branding?

Maria Cypher: At Catchword, we excel in crafting compelling names and branding strategies that resonate on a cultural level, with services ranging from visual identity to domain-name acquisition. My own journey began in finance, shifted through journalism, and culminated in co-founding Catchword, where I now lead name development. Notably, brands like Asana and Upwork bear our signature.

Assortment of Fullsight corporate identity materials including business cards and letterheads

2. What were the initial directives for the Fullsight project that guided its success?

Maria Cypher: The project aimed to unite three professional organizations under a new, cohesive brand. The brief called for a modern identity that upheld each affiliate’s independence while sharing a common vision. A critical requirement was securing an exact .org domain name to reflect their unified approach.

3. What inspired the Fullsight brand concept?

Maria Cypher: Our inspiration stems from deep engagement with our clients. For Fullsight, we immersed ourselves in understanding the client’s core attributes through various research methods. The name ‘Fullsight’ emerged as a symbol of comprehensive insight and connectivity among the affiliates.

Maria Cypher’s Fullsight branding featured on a flag flying on a pole

4. Can you describe some challenges faced during the project and how you addressed them?

Maria Cypher: Typical challenges included the client’s limited experience with branding and internal misalignments. These were overcome through effective communication and setting clear expectations, ensuring a smooth process despite a tight timeline.

5. What drives your passion for naming and branding? How has this evolved?

Maria Cypher: My passion was inadvertently nurtured through early career stages in finance and journalism, and eventually realized in branding. This journey has enriched my approach, allowing me to blend analytical rigor with creative storytelling.

6. How do you keep abreast of technology trends like AI, and their impact on branding?

Maria Cypher: Our team regularly engages in workshops and retreats to explore new technologies such as AI. We focus on integrating AI as a tool to enhance our brainstorming and creative processes.

7. What practices help you grow and maintain creativity in your work?

Maria Cypher: Constant exposure to diverse creative works and collaboration with leading agencies keeps our ideas fresh and relevant. My personal involvement in music also influences my creative output, particularly in the rhythmic aspects of name development.

8. What sources of inspiration do you turn to for maintaining creativity in everyday tasks?

Maria Cypher: My curiosity drives my creativity. Engaging deeply with various subjects helps me see connections that inform our creative strategies, ensuring our branding resonates with both clients and their audiences.

9. Who has influenced your approach to branding and naming?

Maria Cypher: While we pioneered many practices in naming, my father, a US diplomat known for his intellect and kindness, remains my greatest inspiration for balancing profound insight with genuine human engagement.

10. How do you balance client needs with your creative vision?

Maria Cypher: Our focus is on aligning with the client’s strategic goals creatively, ensuring the essence of the brand communicates effectively with the target audience, without my personal style overshadowing the brand’s needs.

11. What does receiving a Creative Communication Award mean to you and your team?

Maria Cypher: It is an honor that validates our effort in the B2B sector, typically overshadowed by consumer-facing brands. The recognition affirms our commitment to impactful corporate communication.

Fullsight: A Case Study in Comprehensive Brand Strategy

This conversation with Maria Cypher not only highlights the strategic depth behind the Fullsight brand development but also demonstrates Catchword Branding’s expertise in transforming complex corporate identities into cohesive and impactful brands. Through strategic thinking and creative excellence, the Fullsight project has set a new standard for corporate branding in critical industries.

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