Peiyao Tang’s Triumph in Brand Design: The Story Behind KASHA M

Peiyao Tang has become a prominent figure in brand design, drawing from a rich background of cultural experiences across the United States, Europe, and Japan. Her recent accolade at the C2A Awards highlights her project KASHA M, a fashion brand that celebrates women’s freedom and authenticity, inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

About the Project: KASHA M

Mobile and tablet screens displaying the dynamic brand presentation of KASHA M.

Prize: Winner in Brand Design / Branding
Role: Freelancer, Lead Designer
Client: KASHA M

KASHA M stands out for its narrative of empowerment, symbolized by the cheetah, an icon of femininity’s inherent strength. Despite challenges like time zones and the pandemic, Tang’s design choices, such as the use of serif typefaces and a bold red color palette, articulate the brand’s values of assertiveness, independence, and self-expression.

Interview with Peiyao Tang

1. What inspired KASHA M, and how has the C2A Award influenced your creative journey?

Peiyao Tang: The C2A Award was a significant affirmation of my design philosophy and has inspired me to pursue even greater challenges. KASHA M was inspired by a mix of Dante’s literary work and the symbol of the cheetah, representing women’s strength. My international experiences fueled the creative process, allowing me to blend Eastern and Western aesthetics in the design.

2. Facing challenges and overcoming them seems to be a recurrent theme in your work. Can you share your approach?

Peiyao Tang: The KASHA M project was indeed challenging, especially during the pandemic. Collaboration across different time zones and ensuring the project’s vision came to life required patience, flexibility, and innovative thinking. Through online discussions and meticulous planning, we overcame these obstacles, resulting in a brand identity that truly resonates with the target audience.

3.The recognition from C2A has already sparked new opportunities. How do you see this impacting your future projects?

Peiyao Tang: Winning the C2A Award has not only boosted my confidence but has also opened doors for new collaborations and projects. The recognition has elevated my standing in the design community, and I anticipate it will lead to more exciting opportunities to apply my creative vision and cross-cultural design approach.

4. Looking ahead, how do you plan to stay current and continue contributing to the design field?

Peiyao Tang: Staying updated with industry trends through social media and networking at industry events is crucial. However, my approach goes beyond just keeping up with trends; it involves continuously exploring new ideas and incorporating my unique perspective into my designs. I’m excited about future projects and the chance to keep pushing the boundaries of brand design.

KASHA M brand presentation with business cards showcasing the fusion of elegance and innovation.

Peiyao Tang: Unveiling Stories Through Design – The KASHA M Journey

Peiyao Tang’s work on KASHA M showcases her innovative approach to design and her skill in expressing detailed narratives through visual identity. Her achievement at the C2A Awards highlights her talent and paves the way for her future endeavors in the design industry. Tang’s experience combines creativity, perseverance, and a profound grasp of how branding can effectively communicate engaging stories.


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