Enigmatic symbolism captured by Davide Esposito in

A Journey Through Symbolism with Davide Esposito

In this interview, Davide Esposito shares insights into his award-winning project “Archetypes,” a symbolic exploration of Capri’s soul through photography.

About the Project: “Archetypes”


Best of Best in Landscape / Photography and Winner in Nature / Photography


Davide Esposito

“Archetypes” explores Capri’s natural elements—rocks, sea, moon—portraying them as basic symbols. Esposito’s work goes beyond time and space, offering a metaphysical journey that highlights the unseen connections between earth and sky.

A monochromatic masterpiece from the “Archetypes” series, showcasing Capri’s fundamental beauty.

A monochromatic masterpiece from Davide Esposito's "Archetypes" series, featuring primordial symbols of rocks and sea.

Interview with Davide Esposito

1. What inspired “Archetypes,” and how has winning the C2A Awards impacted your creative journey??

Davide Esposito: The inspiration for “Archetypes” came from my deep connection with Capri and the symbolist art that resonated with me since childhood, particularly the work of Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach. Winning the C2A Awards has confirmed my unique vision in photography, inspiring me to further push the boundaries of my art and start on new projects that continue to explore the metaphysical landscape.

2. Reflecting on the journey to the C2A Awards, what were the challenges and surprises you encountered?

Davide Esposito: The most significant challenge was pivoting from commissioned photography to fine art. This transition required me to explore and articulate my inner vision more deeply, pushing against the boundaries of traditional photography to capture the unseen. The support and professional communication from the C2A Awards team were encouraging, emphasizing the value of unique, symbolic work.

3. How does your creative process unfold, and what role does your environment play in it?

Davide Esposito: My creativity is fueled by introspection and the unique light and mood of Capri from autumn to spring. I find inspiration in the solitude of the island, letting the unpredictable weather guide my exploration of light and shadow. Music plays a crucial role, helping me to sharpen my artistic vision and capture the subconscious symbols that emerge during my photographic expeditions.

4.Facing obstacles in a creative career is unavoidable. How have you overcome these challenges?

Davide Esposito: Transitioning fully to fine art photography presented a significant challenge, demanding a balance between my two artistic personas. This journey required deep self-reflection and a commitment to articulate my vision. Educating myself on market communication strategies and dedicating time to self-expression were key to overcoming these obstacles.

A powerful image from Davide Esposito's "Archetypes" project, capturing the essence of water, rocks, and sky in a symbolic dance.

5. Looking forward, how do you envision the C2A award influencing your career and your future projects?

Davide Esposito: The C2A award has already strengthened my credibility and opened new avenues for collaboration and exposure. It stands as a testament to my individual achievements and unique storytelling through photography. I anticipate it will continue to open doors, allowing me to showcase my vision on larger platforms and inspire others in the creative community.

An awe-inspiring composition from Davide Esposito's "Archetypes," featuring the moon, rocks, and the mighty presence of Capri.


As we conclude our conversation with Davide Esposito, his project “Archetypes” serves as a shining example of symbolic and metaphysical exploration in photography. His journey, from the captivating landscapes of Capri to the depths of symbolism, showcases the power of art to explore and express the unseen. Esposito’s future in the creative world is bright, promising further innovations that explore the mysteries of our existence and the beauty of our natural world.


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