Poetic Project by Dale M Reid - a visual journey into abstraction, capturing the essence of mushrooms and societal rights.

Dale M Reid: Illuminating Equality Through Photography

In this discussion, Dale M Reid reflects on her project “Poetic,” which challenges societal norms and advocates for equality through the lens of her camera.


Prize: Best of Best in Other / Photography
Company: Dale M Reid Photography
Lead: Dale M Reid

Dale’s project stands out for its innovative use of mushroom imagery to explore themes of identity, equality, and societal rights. Her work explores the abstract, inviting different interpretations that connect with the viewer’s personal experiences and societal observations.

Mushroom Abstraction by Dale M Reid - a mesmerizing composition highlighting the unique shapes and textures of wild varieties.

Interview with Dale M Reid

1. What inspired you to create “Poetic” and how has the C2A Awards winning affected your artistic and professional path?

Dale M Reid: The project was inspired by my personal journey and the broader societal challenges surrounding equality. Winning at the C2A Awards has significantly opened up opportunities, such as an invitation to the European Cultural Centre’s biennale in Venice, boosting my visibility and helping me secure sponsorships and gallery representations.

2. Could you explain the creative and technical process behind your award-winning series, especially the mushroom images?

Dale M Reid: I chose the eight mushroom images for their unique capacity to represent abstraction, leading to different interpretations. The challenge lay in maintaining a unified theme and clearly presenting the intended story within the limits of the submission guidelines.

3. How do you manage the complexities of a creative career, including maintaining your artistic and business operations?

Dale M Reid: I balance the artistic and commercial sides by strategically managing my time, delegating tasks like website maintenance and framing, and setting aside dedicated periods for creating art. Taking regular walks in nature is vital for my physical and mental wellbeing, helping me to generate new ideas.

4.Following your C2A victory, how do you see this recognition affecting your upcoming projects and collaboration opportunities, especially your participation in the Venice Biennale?

Dale M Reid: The C2A award has greatly strengthened my professional standing, making it easier to attract sponsorships for the Venice Biennale and improve gallery representation. This recognition validates the significance of my work and opens up new opportunities for collaboration, particularly on themes important to the LGBTQ+ community and wider societal concerns.

Dale M Reid passionately creating art

5. What new subjects or themes are you looking forward to exploring in your photography, and how do you plan to continue supporting societal issues through your artwork?

Dale M Reid: I’m excited to explore new topics while further investigating themes like “women in the arts” and the “female gaze.” I plan to keep focusing on these significant societal discussions through my upcoming projects, including a book and possibly organizing exhibitions to promote these conversations.

"Pursuit of Equality" Exhibition by Dale M Reid - a glimpse into a powerful narrative depicted through captivating fine art photography.


In concluding our dialogue with Dale M Reid, it’s clear her artistic contributions extend far beyond creating visually stunning pieces. Her project “Poetic” uses photography as a means to question norms, champion equality, and drive societal progress. Dale’s proactive use of her art to highlight critical issues positions her as a key figure in the fine art photography field and the wider creative sphere. Her dedication to combining artistry with activism serves as an inspiration for those looking to use their creative talents for meaningful impact.

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