A captivating display of Atilio Flores' award-winning cinema infographics

Atilio Flores: Shaping Visual Narratives Through Infographics

In this conversation, Jonathan Atilio Flores Figueroa discusses his award-winning project that merges journalism and graphic design, transforming the way we consume cinema information.



Best of Best in Professional Journals/Other Print


University of El Salvador


Jonathan Atilio Flores Figueroa

Atilio Flores' captivating Jurassic Park-themed cinema infographics.

The project, consisting of eight unique cinema-themed infographics, stands out for its innovative approach to visual storytelling, capturing the essence of films like Jurassic Park and Batman. Atilio’s work not only engages but educates, offering a fresh perspective on cinema across various cultures.

Interview with Atilio Flores

1. What inspired you to create the “Cinema Infographic 2022” project, and how did it lead to your success at the C2A Awards?

Atilio Flores: The essence of cinema itself inspired my project. Each infographic is a visual tribute to the storytelling power of films, designed to captivate and educate audiences worldwide about cinema’s impact and cultural significance.

2. How has the recognition at the C2A Awards influenced your perspective on your creative journey and future endeavors?

Atilio Flores: Winning at the C2A Awards has been a remarkable affirmation of my creative direction. It’s a driving force for continuous improvement and innovation, reinforcing my commitment to pushing the boundaries of graphic design and journalism.

3. Can you describe your creative process and what fuels your imagination?

Atilio Flores: My creative process is a combination of exploring beyond the existing visual and narrative boundaries. It involves a constant search for new forms and variations, grounded in a deep appreciation of visual culture and the emotional impact of storytelling elements.

Atilio Flores' diverse collection of cinema infographics

4. What challenges have you faced in your creative career, and how have you overcome them?

Atilio Flores: Facing and overcoming obstacles is fundamental to the creative journey. Whenever creativity seems to drop, the key is to persist, allowing fresh perspectives and new ideas to surface, thus ensuring the continual evolution of my work.

5. Looking forward, how do you anticipate the C2A award will influence your career and your approach to future projects?

Atilio Flores: The C2A Award serves as a significant milestone, enhancing my credibility and opening new avenues for collaboration and growth. Looking ahead, I aim to expand my project into a traveling exhibition, further enriching and educating audiences about the art of cinema through infographics.

Atilio Flores' enchanting Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore cinema infographics


Jonathan Atilio Flores Figueroa’s journey is a clear example of the power of innovative graphic design in shaping how we engage with information. His Cinema Infographic 2022 project, celebrated at the C2A Awards, reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling. As Atilio continues to explore and push the limits of his craft, his work stands as an inspiration for creatives worldwide, showcasing the deep impact of blending visual artistry with insightful narratives.

Atilio Flores' striking Batman-themed cinema infographics.


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