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Anton Suprunenko: C2A Juror Shaping Design Excellence

Crafting Experiences Beyond Imagination

Anton Suprunenko, a T-shape digital product designer and art director from Ukraine, is a luminary in the design realm with over 15 years of diverse experience. His expertise spans UX, interaction design, and branding, earning him accolades like the Red Dot Design Award in 2020. Currently, he leads as the Product Design Lead at Primer, a mar-tech startup reshaping the interaction with data in our digital world.

Fun Facts About Anton Suprunenko:

– Anton is not just a design virtuoso; he’s also a guitar enthusiast, an avid traveler capturing moments through travel photography, and a design mentor.
– His journey involves a fusion of fine arts and computer science education, creating a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess.

The Exclusive Interview with Anton Suprunenko, C2A Juror:

1. As a juror for the Creative Communication Awards (C2A) 2023, what specific criteria did you find most essential in evaluating submissions, and how did these align with the overall goals of the awards?

Anton Suprunenko: As a juror for the Creative Communication Awards (C2A) 2023, the criteria I found most essential in evaluating submissions centered on storytelling and creativity. Given C2A’s focus on promoting and rewarding creativity, excellence, and innovative ideas in communication design, I emphasized how effectively each project told a unique story and evoked an emotional response.

Whether through graphic design, digital media, or advertising, the key was to identify works that not only showcased technical skill and originality but also communicated a compelling narrative that resonated with and engaged the audience. This approach aligns with C2A’s mission to honor and celebrate stories that matter, emphasizing the importance of narrative in creating impactful and memorable communication designs.

Anton Suprunenko's project - presenting Pepsi Brand Identity UI/UX design, a masterpiece in creative art direction

Anton Suprunenko: Pepsi Brand Identity & UI/UX

2. Can you share a specific project or aspect of a submission that stood out to you and exemplified exceptional creativity in communication?

Anton Suprunenko: One aspect that particularly impressed me in the submissions was the innovative use of interactive elements to enhance storytelling. This approach demonstrated exceptional creativity in communication design by transforming the way stories are told and experienced. Instead of relying on traditional, linear narratives, these interactive elements allowed the audience to engage with the content in a more dynamic and personal way.

This method exemplified the C2A’s emphasis on creativity and emotional impact. It showed how the integration of interactivity in design can create a more immersive and memorable experience for the audience, effectively bridging the gap between the creator and the consumer. This aspect not only highlighted technical skill and innovation but also underscored the power of design in shaping how stories are conveyed and perceived in the digital age.

Anton Suprunenko's project- showcasing his art direction brilliance in the UI/UX re-design for a Forex Broker's Brand Identity

Anton Suprunenko: Brand Identity and UI Re-Design for Forex Broker

3. In your opinion, how did the entries this year reflect current trends and shifts in the communication landscape, and were there any surprising or noteworthy observations?

Anton Suprunenko: The entries for the C2A vividly reflected current trends in the communication landscape, particularly in digital integration and user experience. There was a notable shift towards designs that were not just visually striking but also highly interactive, indicating a growing emphasis on creating immersive and engaging user experiences. This aligns with the broader industry trend of prioritizing user-centered design and interactivity in communication.

Overall, the entries not only showcased exceptional creativity and skill but also provided valuable insights into the evolving trends in the communication design field, underscoring a move towards more interactive, user-focused, and socially conscious designs.

4. Being part of the judging process involves a deep dive into diverse creative works. What challenges did you face in evaluating the submissions, and how did you overcome them to ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment?

Anton Suprunenko: Judging the submissions was a bit like being a gourmet chef tasting a world buffet – everything looked so appealing, but where to start? The variety was incredible, from sleek digital designs that made me feel like a tech dinosaur, to print designs so retro they could’ve come from my great-grandpa’s portfolio. To tackle this smorgasbord of creativity, I relied on my T-shaped expertise: deep diving into each category while not getting lost in the sauce of personal biases.

Staying objective was key, even when faced with designs so innovative they made my old-school methods look like cave paintings. I had to remind myself: “No, you can’t just pick the ones that match your living room decor.” In the end, it was about balancing a keen eye for detail with an open mind, ensuring each piece got its fair moment in the spotlight – even if some were more Warhol, and others more… Wal-Mart.

Keeping this light-hearted perspective helped in providing a fair and comprehensive assessment, and let’s be honest, made the whole process a lot more fun!

Anton Suprunenko, the maestro of art direction, unveiling the brand identity and UI/UX design for a Travel Marketplace

Anton Suprunenko: Travel Marketplace Brand identity and UI/UX Design

5. Communication is tied to storytelling. Can you share a memorable story or narrative from the submissions that left a lasting impression on you and embodied the essence of effective communication?

Anton Suprunenko: Reflecting on the submissions for the C2A 2023, it’s hard to pinpoint just one project that stands out, but a trend that really resonated with me was the innovative fusion of storytelling and interaction design. This wasn’t confined to a single submission but emerged as a recurring theme, where designers were crafting narratives that weren’t just to be seen or read, but experienced. They transformed viewers into active participants, blurring the lines between observer and storyteller.

This approach, integrating engaging narratives with interactive elements, exemplified a shift in how stories are told and consumed, resonating deeply with my background in interaction design and user experience. It was like watching stories come to life, inviting the audience to step inside and be a part of the narrative themselves. This trend truly captured the essence of effective communication in the digital age.

6. Outside of your role as a C2A juror, could you tell us about a current project or work you’re involved in, and is there something specific you’d like to share with our audience?

Anton Suprunenko: In addition to my role as a C2A juror, I am deeply engaged in a project that has gained even more significance amidst the challenging times in Ukraine. Primer my current endeavor, is a mar-tech startup designed to reshape how we interact with data in our increasingly digital world. This project is a testament to the resilience and creativity thriving in Ukraine, despite the backdrop of war.

At its core, Primer is about bringing design thinking to the world of marketing technology. We’re not just building a platform; we’re crafting an experience where design and technology intersect to create more meaningful connections. By leveraging principles of user-centered design, Primer aims to declutter the digital marketplace.

Our focus is on creating intuitive and efficient pathways for products to reach their ideal consumers, reducing the noise of irrelevant advertising. It’s a vision of a market where design-driven insights lead to better, more personalized consumer experiences, reflecting a future where technology enhances human interaction, driven by the spirit of innovation and resilience.

7. Were there emerging trends or approaches in communication that you encountered during the judging process that you believe will have a significant impact on the industry in the coming years?

Anton Suprunenko: During the judging process, I observed a significant emerging trend towards integrating spatial technologies in communication design. This approach is poised to revolutionize the industry by offering immersive and interactive experiences that go beyond traditional media. By blending the physical and digital worlds, spatial technologies are opening new avenues for storytelling and audience engagement, marking a future where these technologies will play a pivotal role in how messages are crafted and consumed in the communication landscape.

This trend suggests a shift towards more experiential and interactive forms of communication, potentially reshaping the industry in profound ways in the coming years.

Anton Suprunenko showcasing his art direction in the product design of a Social Network for Travel Photographers

Anton Suprunenko: Social Network For Travel Photographers Product Design

8. As a seasoned professional, how do you see the role of awards like C2A in shaping and influencing industry standards and expectations in the field of creative communication?

Anton Suprunenko: I see awards like the C2A as vital in setting and elevating industry standards in creative communication. They serve as benchmarks of excellence, showcasing the best and most innovative work in the field. This recognition not only inspires professionals to push creative boundaries but also helps in defining emerging trends and practices.

Essentially, awards like C2A play a crucial role in both reflecting and shaping the evolving landscape of creative communication, influencing expectations, and driving the industry forward.

Anton Suprunenko: A Visionary Shaping the Future of Design

Anton Suprunenko, distinguished C2A Juror

In the design world, Anton Suprunenko is not just a name; it’s a symbol of innovation, creativity, and resilience. From judging awards to shaping the future of communication with Primer, his journey is a testament to the power of design thinking in navigating the complexities of our digital world. As we look forward, Anton Suprunenko continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of design excellence.


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