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Anna Jordan: the Art of Book Cover Design

In this discussion, Anna Jordan explores her recent project, revealing how her blend of typography and materials led to an award-winning book cover design.

About the Project: Mother’s Dont

Award Category: Other books / Books
Lead: Anna Jordan
Client: Open Letter Books

Anna’s design for “Mother’s Dont” employs no digital effects, using instead a physical construction with glass and gel to mimic underwater scenes, effectively conveying the book’s deep and complex themes of motherhood and mystery.

Interview with Anna Jordan

1. Can you share how the C2A Awards have influenced your creative journey and any opportunities that have emerged since your win?

Anna Jordan: The C2A recognition has significantly increased the visibility of my work, attracting new clients and expanding my professional network, which is crucial for growth in the design industry. The process of entering was straightforward, which made participating seamless and rewarding.

2. What drives your creative process, and how do you approach challenges and innovations in your designs?

Anna Jordan: Inspiration comes from everything around me —the world is full of potential art supplies. I blend physical materials with digital tools to create realistic yet imaginative designs. Handling the pressures of constant innovation involves a systematic approach to ideation, ensuring a flow of fresh ideas and meticulous editing to refine each project.

3. Looking forward, how do you see the impact of the C2A award shaping your career, and what plans do you have for future projects?

Anna Jordan: The C2A award is a potent tool for building credibility and opening doors to new collaborations. It’s also an excellent platform for networking with peers, which enriches my creative outlook and opens up further opportunities. I plan to continue applying for the C2A as it motivates me to keep producing high-quality work and explore new directions in book cover design.

4. How do you stay current with industry trends, and what inspired the winning design for ‘Mother’s Dont’?

Anna Jordan: I focus on creating timeless designs rather than chasing trends. The concept for “Mother’s Dont” was inspired by the novel’s storyline—a mother driven to desperation. The cover reflects this with its visual depth and layers, using physical materials to create an illusion that resonates with the story’s themes.

The striking book cover for "Mother’s Dont," (designed by Anna Jordan)

Concluding Thoughts with Anna Jordan

Anna Jordan’s commitment to merging art and narrative continues to set her apart in the field of book cover design. Her approach not only challenges conventional design methods but also pushes the boundaries of how stories are visually told. Keep an eye on her work, as each project promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of design and storytelling.

Anna Jordan: Mother’s Dont

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