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Creative Communication Award 2023: Winners Announcement

September 26, 2023

Los Angeles – The winners of the 2023 Creative Communication Award have been revealed, marking another year of celebrating excellence and innovation in the field of design and communication. Following the tremendous success of the 2022 edition, this year’s competition attracted a diverse array of outstanding submissions from visionary creatives worldwide.

A Stellar Showcase of Creative Brilliance

A distinguished panel of industry experts renowned for their discerning judgment and unwavering standards meticulously evaluated entries across 18 distinct categories. From graphic design and communication to photography, advertising, and digital media, the 2023 Creative Communication Award winners have been selected for their unparalleled originality and ingenuity.

The Universal Language of Design

Regardless of their geographical origins, the winners all share a common language – the language of design. They have demonstrated a profound understanding of human nature and the ability to convey ideas in ways that deeply resonate with people. In this diverse world of design, they have set a shining example of what’s achievable.

Praise for the Visionaries

Esteemed jurors showered accolades upon this year’s winners, recognizing their boundless talent, unwavering dedication, and innovative thinking. These creative visionaries have made a significant impact on the pivotal role that design plays in our contemporary world.

Each year, serving on the C2A jury is both a privilege and a joy, allowing me to evaluate some of the most captivating design projects. It serves as a delightful window through which I can witness the diverse creative perspectives of my colleagues, offering a boundless source of inspiration. This competition not only enriches the jury members’ experiences but also fosters growth and celebrates the richness of creative diversity among all participants.”

– Chiara Aliotta, Art Director, Until Sunday

The Best of the Best

In acknowledgment of the exceptional quality displayed in this year’s entries, the “Best of Best” title has been awarded to multiple remarkable projects that achieved the highest scores across all categories. These projects epitomize the pinnacle of creative achievement and deserve special recognition.


  • The Macallan Horizon – Innovative technologies (VR and other) / Advertising; Luxury products / Packaging by Master For You Agency
  • The University of Hong Kong Annual Report 2022-23 – Printed annual reports / Annual Reports by The Cabinet
  • Re-Route Festival – Brochures / Books by Plus Collaboratives
  • ADM Undergraduate Prospectus 2023/2024 – Brochures / Books by Factory
  • Non-Binary Nature – Limited Edition Books / Books by Studio Xxy
  • Half a Century of Building Storeys / Un demi-siècle et toujours NEUF – Limited Edition Books / Books; Other books / Books by NEUF Architect(e)s
  • NakedLab Rebranding – Brand identity / Branding by The Cabinet
  • ADM Show 2022 – Other / Branding by Factory
  • 83,000,000 PHOTOS OUTPUTTING, amanaimages – Temporary exhibitions / Exhibition design by Freelance
  • B.LEAGUE ALL STAR GAME 2023 – Temporary exhibitions / Exhibition design; Animations / TV / Film / Animation by Sony Music Solutions
  • Warner Bros Advanced Narratives Website Design & Development – Online experiences / Online Media by L+R



  • Green – Calendars / Other Print (Magazines; Newspapers; Calendars) by Good Morning Inc.
  • Cinema Infographics 2022 – Professional journals / Other Print (Magazines; Newspapers; Calendars) by Jonathan Atilio Flores Figueroa
  • The Wine Bag – Beverage / Packaging by A.S. Strategy Branding & Communication
  • Blanton’s 2022 – Beverage / Packaging by Coho Creative
  • Cherries – Fashion / Photography; Advertising / Photography by 2bplusphoto
  • Archetypes – Landscape / Photography; Nature / Photography by Davide Esposito
  • Broken Moon – Landscape / Photography by Steven Stanley Manolakis
  • Poetic – Other / Photography by Dale M Reid Photography
  • Andis Company beSPOKE Centennial Trimmer Launch Video – Promotional video / TV / Film / Animation by Evoke Agency
  • Flip – Promotional video / TV / Film / Animation by Demonstrate
  • Meet Planable – Promotional video / TV / Film / Animation by Planable Inc.
  • Callie – your AI-powered mental health companion – User Experience Design / UI & UX Design by Cress Healt
  • 2:2 Akvavit – Beverage / Packaging; Brand design / Branding by Aida Pioneer
  • Gateway Newark – Brand design / Branding by Gensler
  • Brentwood School – Wayfinding / Functional Typography by RSM Desig
  • TOTETSU Training Institute – Wayfinding / Functional Typography by Motive Inc.
  • Stanford Jazz Festival & Workshop Campaign 2023 – Print campaigns / Advertising by 300FeetOut
  • SHMOG NXT -Virtual exhibition / Exhibition design by Coordination Asia (Shanghai) Architecture Design & Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Only Albuquerque – Social media campaigns / Advertising; Social Responsibility by Square
  • Sunhouse Craft – Social responsibility focus / Social Responsibility by Media-Objectives


Discover Excellence

The complete list of winners, including the Best of Best honorees, as well as Honorable Mentions spanning both professional and amateur entries, is now available for viewing on the Creative Communication Award website’s Winners Gallery. Explore these outstanding works of creativity and join in the celebration of the exceptional talent that graced the 2023 Creative Communication Award.

Sharing the Achievement

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the winners, along with encouragement to share this remarkable accomplishment with their respective audiences. The creativity displayed by the awardees has not only earned them prestigious recognition but has also garnered the admiration of peers, partners, and clients alike. Together, a collective effort is urged to spread the word about these outstanding achievements and inspire the world with their creative brilliance.

Anticipating more exciting updates as the Creative Communication Award looks ahead to another year of fostering creativity, innovation, and inspiration, the commitment remains unwavering to shine a spotlight on the world’s most remarkable creative designs.

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