Honorable Mention 2020 / Online Media / Other


  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Other / Online Media
  • Company
  • Designer
    Pablo Ladosa
  • Credits
    Colleen Morice, Neal Pleasance, Paul Baker

Cityscapes is a super detailed collection of digital graphics that depicts an electric futuristic city. With high complex vectors and countless details is the most challenging work I did. The idea was to create an imaginary setting that feels alive, where the atmosphere is filled with billboards and neon lights. I want to give value to digital graphics, so like if it were paintings, each building, and element was created uniquely by hand. I worked on the artworks for 1 year for the viewer to get lost in colors and details. Creating a project where craft, art, and technology collide.

Pablo Ladosa is a multidisciplinary artist and art director, passionate about design and technology.He loved art and tech since he was a kid, drawing, painting... he started to learn computer software like Illustrator and 3D apps at the age of 12.He worked in Madrid and London. Through his art and illustration practice, he developed a visual expression with a futuristic look. But It’s combining a definite sense of nostalgia with a modern-high tech setting.