Honorable Mention 2019 / Photography / Fashion


  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Fashion / Photography
  • University
    Ecole Des Arts Sorbonne-Panthéon
  • Designer
    Jennifer Orhélys
  • Credits
    Photo by Jennifer Orhélys

Capture the beauty of Creation; explore this nature in its simplest appearance. This fragile universe that requires our attention, moreover, may not be taken into account by the powerful and then, unfortunately, before having granted the legitimacy of the living world. Things, elements, circumstances, apparently the simplest can seem to the eyes of a most attractive artist at the sensory and emotional level. The photographer's gaze feeds, preferring to show what we no longer see, before being precipitated into contradictions of conscience previously forgotten, distorted or even obscured. Just

Using images is my way of communicating with people. As a photographer interested in nature, society and beauty, I seek to engage my audience in the continuous and meaningful dialogue on these important topics. As durable and aesthetic as I can do, my photography is never imagery in itself. The eye is a part of the brain with its function of memory and consciousness of the mind. Photography makes it accessible to others; This is how I conceive of my work and my vocation in life.