Winner 2022 / Functional Typography / Environmental Graphics

Glendale Community College

  • Prize
    Winner in Environmental Graphics / Functional Typography
  • Company
    RSM Design
  • Lead
    Cody Clark
  • Team
    Eloisa Ortiz
  • Client
    Glendale Community College
  • Credits
    Allison Richter Photography

The RSM Design team worked closely with Glendale Community College to develop a wayfinding system based on the tiered orientation of the campus. Located near the San Rafael Mountains, the GCC campus overlooks the valleys in the Glendale Area. The key to our signage system was to leverage the hillside disorientation. The campus descends from the primary parking garage to the heart of the college. Our strategy was to create a tiered approach to create a mental map of where you were at all times helping students, visitors, and faculty navigate the hidden stairwells, elevators and treelined walks.