Winner 2022 / Packaging / Beverage

Peller Wine Spritzers

  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging
  • Company
    Shikatani Lacroix Design
  • Lead
    Kim Yokota
  • Team
    Lynn Giles, Becky Caunce, Gary Oakley, Rebecca Black
  • Client
    Andrew Peller Limited

To attract a new, younger consumer, Peller developed a line of refreshing wine spritzers. Our design reflects the playful nonchalance that is at the heart of the master brand in a fresh and modern way while also standing out in a trendy category. The cans reflect the flavors of Strawberry Rose Blend, Peach White Blend and Citrus White Blend. When featured against competitive products, the Peller Estates Spritzers stand out from the competitive set in its use of color and flavor cues while still feeling modern and speaking to the refreshment consumers seek from this category.

Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) is an award-winning leader in strategic design, delivering transformational change and relevancy for brands – from packaging and environmental design to graphics and digital. Through their proven Blink Factor & Think Blink processes, SLD inspires the future of retail experiences and provides the strategic foresight to future-proof their brand clients. SLD was the first agency of its kind to use and market the term "immersive" based on their experience and unique POV on what drives sales for retailers.