Winner 2022 / TV / Film / Animation / TV

Friskies - Tunnel of Glaze

  • Prize
    Winner in TV / TV / Film / Animation
  • Company
    Avrett Free Ginsberg
  • Lead
    Peter Delgandio, Rory Braunstein
  • Team
    Lynne Kluger
  • Client
    Nestlé Purina PetCare Co.
  • Video

The gates to Friskies World magically open, welcoming two curious cats to a place unlike any other where their wildest food dreams come true. As our cool cats explore Friskies World, they discover that the fun way Friskies makes their food is just as inventive and exciting as the food itself. They find a fantastic tunnel where dishes of real shrimp and garden veggies glide through a gravy waterfall and are magically transformed into servings of New Friskies Glaz’d & Infuze’d, another delicious mealtime experience they can’t wait to get their paws on.