Winner 2022 / Advertising / Integrated campaigns

Score the Next Screamer

  • Prize
    Winner in Integrated campaigns / Advertising
  • University
    Shillington NY
  • Lead
    Simon Fréour
  • Team
    Simon Fréour

I created a multi-channel campaign to help the Royal Academy of Music lift the elitist aura of classical singing, thus broadening its pool of applicants to all social backgrounds. It invites supporters to write their club’s new anthem. The campaign title is a reference to both soccer (screamer is slang for a beautiful goal) and music (writing the score for the song you scream). The type lockups use time-honored typefaces to reference the punk aesthetics often associated with London. The use of black and white and the layout reference the clean aesthetics of the classical music world.

I am Simon, a graphic designer from Paris. I studied at Shillington New York. I initially trained as a generalist engineer before working in tech startups as a UX designer, software engineer and CTO. I also created and sold a clothing brand. Creativity has always been an important component of my work, and after years of tinkering with graphic design I decided to get proper training. My analytical, no-nonsense approach to creative work and my soft spot for storytelling naturally pull me towards branding. On the side I enjoy printmaking, surfing, kitesurfing, playing and listening to music.