Winner 2022 / UI & UX Design / User Interface design

Breako: The solution for long sedentary time.

  • Prize
    Winner in User Interface design / UI & UX Design
  • University
    New York University
  • Lead
    Yilin Zou
  • Video

“Sitting is the new smoking.” Now, desk-workers averagely spend 9-10 hours sitting per day, which are predominately uninterrupted sedentary time longer than 30 mins. Physical inactivity causes serious health problems, and over three million preventable deaths worldwide each year. Breako offers holistic solutions to help desk-workers effortlessly raise long-term habits of taking physical breaks while not stopping them from ongoing activities through cross-platform services. Breako ensures individualization in every step of the user journey, to enable users to build approachable break goals.