Winner 2022 / Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design

Eunpyeong Hanok Village Redesign

  • Prize
    Winner in Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design
  • Lead
    Chaeeun LEE

Eunpyeong Hanok Village, which is dominated by two-story hanoks, not the existing one-story hanoks, has not only the elements of popular hanok villages, but also the beautiful nature that other hanok villages do not have, in other words, relaxation. Nevertheless,I would like to redesign and promote this unknown place due to lack of publicity. The target is Ajumi(Korean 30s and 40s mothers), who want to have things that others don't know and value freedom. Through the keywords(freedom, harmony, relaxation), a relaxed design containing the harmony of tradition and modernity was made with curves.

I'm Chae Eun Lee, who is studying visual design in Korea. I think design is my life and driving force. This is because I feel alive when I design. I liked art since I was in middle school, and since 2016, I have been studying design steadily by obtaining a license and winning various competitions. Currently, I am about to get a job, and in the future, I will be a wonderful person who makes the world with design.