Winner 2022 / Branding / Corporate identity

Urban Atelier Group Rebranding

  • Prize
    Winner in Corporate identity / Branding
  • Company
    Urban Atelier Group / The Seventh Art
  • Lead
    Urban Atelier Group x The Seventh Art
  • Team
    Urban Atelier Group (Andy D'Amico; James Palace; Natalie Dargham); The Seventh Art
  • Credits
    Photos by: Alex Contell / Urban Atelier Group

At Urban Atelier Group (UAG), we think of ourselves as a workshop of creative professionals specializing in construction management. Our brand refresh is inspired by New York City and the art of construction management – it reflects our culture, colleagues, collaboration, and overall success. We've renewed the firm's image in all its facets, including corporate identity, digital presence, and mission and vision. The new brand includes a refined logo, an interactive website, a bold color palette, modern typography, and custom photography.