Winner 2022 / Packaging / Beverage


  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging
  • Company
    Reverse Innovation
  • Lead
    Mirco Onesti
  • Team
    Mirco Onesti – creative director; Davide Cavagnoli – graphic designer; Valerio Tizzi – illustrator.
  • Client
    Whyn Srl

WHY N' proposes quality wine in a flexible packaging equipped with a thermal label that indicates when the optimum temperature for tasting has been reached. The appealing design focuses on the stylized shape of an upside-down glass bottle to create a reference to the tap at the bottom of the pouch. Impact-proof, lighter than the glass bottle, it has a self-standing format that progressively reduces in size as it used, unlike the rigid bag-in-box. Easy to transport, it represents a reduction in the amount of protective packaging needed, as well as the thickness of shipping boxes.

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