Winner 2022 / Retail / Retail interior design

Infinitus Experience Centre

  • Prize
    Winner in Retail interior design / Retail
  • Company
    Shikatani Lacroix Design
  • Lead
    Kim Yokota
  • Team
    Julia Morgan, Sheryl Keller, Bing Ma, Tong Zhang, Feifei Li
  • Client
    Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.
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Within the Infinitus brand exists seven sub-brands that share the desire to embody natural wellness in all aspects of life. We designed the Infinitus Experience centre as an experiential flagship that would unite their brands to create a harmonious, tactile, and interactive customer journey that encourages personal exploration and self-discovery through the weaving nature of the layout. Intended both for consumers as well as a way to educate partners about the brand, the centre is designed around the traditional Five Elements of Chinese philosophy – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

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