Best of Best 2022 / Packaging / Food

Fortune Vermicelli

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Food / Packaging
  • University
    Fu Jen Catholic University
  • Lead
    Chen Hsiang-Han
  • Team
    Tsai Yu-Cing,Chen Yi-Lun ,Lee Ying-Chih

We combined the traditional culture of eating vermicelli, the warmth of hand-made vermicelli, and the blessing of the Three Gods of Fortune—representing luck, prosperity, and longevity into three packages.They are suitable for blessing the newborn family, fortune,and birthday.The special structure of the packages is according to the traditional custom of eating pork leg vermicelli by spinning the bowl edge around,which conveys the symbol of good luck.Hoping that they become a new possibility for the gift-giving culture,and also make the public know the spirit of Taiwan's hand-made vermicelli.