Winner 2022 / Packaging / Sustainable packaging

The new pack for Carte D’Or Affogati ice-cream

  • Prize
    Winner in Sustainable packaging / Packaging
  • Company
    Reverse Innovation
  • Lead
    Alice Tacconi
  • Team
    Alice Tacconi (art director and parter), Matteo Alabiso (Graphic designer), Valerio Tizzi (Illustrator)
  • Client
    Unilever Italia

Carte D'Or is a leading brand in the ice-cream in tubs segment in Italy. In 2021 the brand converted the packaging of the Carte D'Or Affogati line from plastic to compostable and recyclable paper. The pack restyling maintains the recognizability in this transition from a transparent to an opaque, sustainable container. The graphics are inspired by the transparency of the earlier plastic pack: the image offers the “perception” of seeing inside. The "green seal” declares the compostability. The lid of the tray features a window in ecofilm which allows to observe the tempting contents.

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