Best of Best 2022 / Books / Catalogs

The Great Migration Pop-up Book

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Catalogs / Books
  • Company
    Plus Collaboratives
  • Lead
    Cheryl Sim
  • Team
    Mervin Tan, Cheryl Sim, Jueming Low, Jay Tan, Lionel Chang, Tan Sining, Bernice Teo, Annabelle Soh, Marwanie Bte Rahim, Renee Yang
  • Client
    Fujifilm Business Innovation

How do you market a colour swatch in the new work from home scenario because of the global pandemic? We took this as an opportunity to redesign a typical colour swatch book to foster deeper familial ties amongst Asian families who typically share an intergenerational home, using that to bring out the idea that print is not dead even while we are embracing technology. The Great Migration Pop-Up Book was designed to evoke a simple child-like joy towards print and appreciate it for the joy it brings. It illustrates the beauty of print and a testament of what digitalisation cannot do.