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Relaunch for the Ensemble Modern Magazine

  • Prize
    Winner in Other / Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars)
  • Company
    Jaeger & Jaeger
  • Lead
    Tanja Weich
  • Team
    Nicola Tobias Nolle, DTP
  • Client
    Ensemble Modern GbR

In a comprehensive relaunch, the Ensemble Modern is given new brand-forming elements. E or M? M or E? Ensemble Modern Magazine! The M of the new distinctive typeface, with its idiosyncratic design of the vertices, is tilted at 90 degrees to form an E and is placed in the centre of the gutter to form the new title of the magazine. The new typeface is also used in the inner section in headlines and individually placed large numbers and keywords. The changing accent colours, which give the communication media a new face again and again, are continued.

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