Best of Best 2021 / Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design


  • Prize
    Best of Best in Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design
  • Company
    NeoMam Studios
  • Designer
    Laimute Varkalaite
  • Design Team
    Povilas Daknys

The aim of the project was to research and visualize one mythological creature of each country, to show their variety and uniqueness. 124 original characters, 75 of their adaptations, 6 maps of the continents, decorative letters and, finally, the map of the whole WORLD OF CRYPTIDS – all accomplished in 97 days. The creative steps: 1.The research and its result; 2.The creative process: a quick sketch of the character; a line drawing; drawing filled with tones in grayscale; a drawing covered in colors. 3.The final result. Big thanks to all the team.

I am an illustrator and a graphic designer, based in a sweet small home-town Rumšišk?s, in Lithuania. Drawing is a language I use to introduce myself and connect with other people. I use traditional and digital graphic techniques, as well as their combination, to transmit my ideas visually. My drawing is a pure graphic line, with a focus on every detail, the harmony of colours and profound emotional expression. The main theme of most of my works is nature and human-being, their interaction and reflection of each other. With my creation I try to achieve a positive impact on the perceiver.