Winner 2020 / Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design

Mergical Journey (YWS)

  • Prize
    Winner in Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design
  • University
    Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Lead
    Melissa Lim
  • Team
    Melissa Lim

Mergical Journey aims to make learning and playing fun for the players, to familiarise them with the language and, therefore, encouraging them to use it more often. Focusing on local, almost forgotten heritage, Mergical Journey hopes players will be able to reminisce about their carefree younger days. Question tiles allow players to practice their conversational skills, by starting out with simple statements and words to get them to re-familiarise with the language. There are also obstacles that will help or hinder your progression in the game. Injecting fun in learning is the best way!