Winner 2020 / Posters / Advertising posters

The Other Art Fair Poster Series

  • Prize
    Winner in Advertising posters / Posters
  • University
    School of Visual Arts
  • Lead
    Huiqi Qiu

These posters are designed for The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn 2019 and they are supposed to be displayed right next to each other to maximize the visual effect. This series of posters share a similar look due to the color palette but yet very different in a way that they each introduces a different element from the art fair. Also, animated posters allow posters as a medium to also live in the digital world.

My name is Huiqi Qiu. I grew up in Xiamen, China. At the age of 15, I moved to Vancouver, Canada for high school. After that, I went to Boston University to study graphic design. I am now a grad student at the School of Visual Arts, MFA Design. What I’ve gained from living in different places and interacting with diverse individuals enhances my passion to be a better designer. I chose design as my career because in the sensitive time we live in, I see design as one of the most effective medium to tackle social issues we are facing. I hope to use design to speak up, empower and connect people.