Winner 2020 / Photography / Editorial

Behind Closed Doors

  • Prize
    Winner in Editorial / Photography
  • Company
    Manja Wachsmuth Photography
  • Lead
    Manja Wachsmuth
  • Team
    Fiona Lacelles & Kelli Brett
  • Client
    Cuisine Magazine
  • Credits
    Phil Clark & Marine, Sid & Chand Sahrawat

The theme of supporting your local restaurant has been circling social media a great deal during the period of Covid-19 and it gave me an idea. Somehow, the hospitality and tourism industries have been really good at getting this very strong message across. I wanted to show my support in the best way I can, through my art. #supportlocal is the theme for this photography project and it shows the local restaurants, cafés and eateries and the families that run them. The images dive into the new normal that these restaurant families have had to adapt to, and show us a glimpse of their reality.