Winner 2020 / Functional Typography / Signage

Colorful journey

  • Prize
    Winner in Signage / Functional Typography
  • Designer
    Studio Duel
  • Design Team
    Studio Duel
  • Credits
    Printing by: Be-Ink | Photo by: Sophie Mylou

Hundreds of young people roam the ProDemos stairwell every day. All looking for the right floor where they can learn about Dutch politics and law.Up to now, the way up started with wails of: “do we have to walk all those stairs…”. We wanted to change that. Inspired by the interactive nature of ProDemos, we came up with an exciting idea.Instead of focussing on the screen in their hands, we nudged the young to look up, with lots of colors and different patterns on the ceiling. Together with the clear signing they are forced to run up the stairs!

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