Winner 2019 / Posters / Musical

Sound Assertions: 3 Jazz Pioneers

  • Prize
    Winner in Musical / Posters
  • University
    University of Cincinnati/ College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
  • Designer
    Cindy Ha

Buddy Bolden, Fats Waller, and Jason Kao Hwang all had something in common besides being jazz innovators: each of these artists used their unique cultural background to inform on their inventive music. Buddy Bolden was the king of the New Orleans music scene and father of jazz. Fats Waller took the Harlem Renaissance further through his innovations in piano. Jason Kao Hwang fused Chinatown sounds and jazz to create an entirely new genre of music. These posters advertise a concert series celebrating these three pioneers by highlighting the cultural influences that shaped them and their music.